The Bungalow Nest is about finding contentment in simple living, needing Jesus, nesting a home on a budget, yummy recipes, using hands to create, my love for illustration, finding beauty in everyday & sharing it all with loved ones.

I have been blessed to be surrounded by creative & resourceful family & friends that have inspired & helped mold my perspective. My love for hand-painted watercolor illustrations has grown this past year into a dream; to design original paper-goods, made with an imperfect, detailed & cheerful look into nature, wildlife & rustic objects.

This is only the beginning.


I'm also interested in creating any artwork for your wedding invitations, baby announcements, blog, project, website, business, etc. I look forward to any questions you may have via email at: 


From The Bungalow Nest,



p.s. Find me on Instagram @thebungalownest